Monday, August 15, 2005

The Significance of the Church

The church really isn't that important, right? Isn't the relationship that one has in his own heart with God the only thing that truly matters? Can't a person be a Christian and not be affiliated with a church? These and similar thoughts often cross the minds of honest people. But what does the Bible say about the church and the Christian's relationship to it?

The Scriptures clearly teach the importance of the church by showing Christ as its owner. Jesus promised to build the church (Mt. 16:18) and even shed his innocent blood to purchase it (Acts 20:28). To say that the church is not important is to say that his blood is not important!

Additionally, one cannot have a proper relationship with God without being a member of Christ's church. In fact, the church is made up of the saved. The Bible declares that the Lord adds the saved to the church (Acts 2:47) and that Jesus is the Savior of the church (Eph. 5:23).

It should be carefully and prayerfully noted that Jesus is not the owner of, did not shed his blood for, and does not add the saved to just any church. The church over which he reigns is not a man-made religious body or a conglomeration of humanly devised denominations. Not a single denomination can be found in the Scriptures!

The church described in the New Testament came into existence in the city of Jerusalem on the first Pentecost following Jesus' resurrection (Acts 2). Any church established by any person other than Jesus, in any place other than Jerusalem, at any time other than A.D. 33 cannot be the church pictured in the Bible.

Since the church mentioned in the Bible really is important, no sincere seeker of Truth should be satisfied until he has found that church! We plead with you to honestly and carefully compare the churches with which you are familiar to the church described in the New Testament.

Written by Preston Silcox

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