Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Third man

Last night I dreamed I took a walk
Up Calvary's lonely hill.
The things I saw with my own eyes
Could not have been more real.
I saw upon three crosses
Three men in agony;
Two cried out for mercy;
The third man looked at me.
And, Oh, the hurt in the Man's eyes
Just broke my heart in two.
It seemed that I could hear Him say,
"I'm doing this for you."
I knelt beneath the third man's cross
And slowly bowed my head.
I reached out to touch His feet,
They stained my hand with red.
And when I heard Him cry in pain,
I raised by eyes to see.
The blood spill from the third man's side
And some of it spilled on me.
And there among the mighty crowd
The ones who mocked Him cried,
"King, save thyself, if thou art King."
And then the third man died.
Suddenly I heard the thunder roar,
I saw the ligtning pierce the sky.
The third man was still hanging there;
And I began to cry.
I saw the darkness fall;
I heard the breaking of the ground.
Then I awoke, and though I had dreamed,
I touched by cheek and found.
My eyes were wet where I had cried,
A dream? I wish I knew.
Yes, I can still hear Him say,
"I'm doing this for you."

by request from Tom Wacaster
Author Unknown

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