Friday, March 03, 2006

Episcopal Church Issue Not a "Gay" Issue

The issue that the Episcopal Church is struggling with is the natural result of a deeper and more prevalent problem in “Christendom”, that of a lack of respect for Bible authority. When one denies the source of spiritual blessings the logical outcome will be a man made denomination that seeks to be guided by man made principles. The Episcopal Church long ago left the Bible as its sole authority in matters pertaining to life and godliness and began to teach that men may do whatever is not forbidden in Scripture. Rather, the New Testament teaches the principle that we may only do those things that are enjoined upon us by God (cf. 1 Pet. 4:11; Col. 3:16).

If men would go back to and ask for the “old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein” they would discover rest for their souls (cf. Jer. 6:16). It is because so many calling themselves Christians refuse to go back to the Bible that “Christendom” resembles a barren land. Most denominations today cannot be called churches any longer because they have become nothing more than social clubs pandering to the will of the elite or the majority. Rather than seeking God’s good graces they put their finger to the wind to determine their doctrine. In the realm of eternity there is really no difference between homosexuality and fornication; adultery; instrumental music; not partaking of the Lord’s Supper each week; or interchanging sprinkling for baptism. Homosexuality is not a “gay” issue, it is an authority issue! God made one women for Adam in the beginning and He joined them in holy matrimony for a lifetime. Anything else is sin.

Rick Popejoy

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