Saturday, May 13, 2006

Daniel & the God of Gods

(A brief outline of Daniel 1-6)

Daniel’s God is a God of...

  • Intervention (1);
  • Revelation (2);
  • Salvation (3-4);
  • Vindication (5-6);

    In his book Thy Kingdom Come, Rushdoony has a chapter entitled “The Offense of Daniel.” Here Rushdoony explains why Daniel is “one of the most explosive books in all human history.” This book assumes at every point a philosophy of history which is the antithesis of every opinion held by modern man. Rushdoony sets forth five particulars in which modern man would take exception to Daniel. First, Daniel underscores the Biblical concept of God. Daniel’s God is totally self-sufficient, omniscient, and omnipotent. He is willing and able infallibly to reveal future events. He is far above anything man is or could ever hope to be. Second, Daniel sets forth unvarnished predictive prophecy—blunt, unmistakable, confident and specific. The God of Daniel uses history and is not used by it. Third, Daniel unapologetically narrates miraculous events. Fourth, Daniel asserts the total government of God. Modern man prefers the anarchy of chance and a god who can be manipulated. Fifth, Daniel reveals the fundamental discrimination which exists within the human race between the saved and the lost.

James E. Smith, The Old Testament Survey Series: The Major Prophets

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