Friday, September 15, 2006

Biblical Sexology

If you are sensitivity to indecorous language, please do not read. The very fact that this is a specialized religious seminar is vulgar in nature.

Joe Beam, a self-proclaimed ecstasy expert, is coming to the Oklahoma City area to teach the men of Oklahoma how to fulfill their wife's sexual ecstasy, according to the flyer sent out by the Del City Church of Christ.

Notes from the flyer...
“Too many Christians are miserable in their sex lives because they don't understand the freedom God has given. From God's Word, I show Christians how to have fun, exciting, and fulfilling life of romance and sexual ecstasy.”

“In the popular session on sex Joe not only reveals truths from the Bible that will change your SEX life overnight, but he also answers the most common questions about sex Christians ask.”

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~ rick

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