Friday, October 06, 2006

Study Habits Essentials

Having a senior in high school necessitates changing your reading taste. Recently, I was reading an article by Veronica Toney by this same title which appeared in the fall issue of College Outlook Magazine. These are three essentials that I use in my own personal Bible study. I also have a specific lesson in my teacher training course that involves the teacher's personal Bible study. You cannot teach what you do not know. You might be able to use these suggestions to help in your own successful study.

“The key to successful studying is consistency. Location, timing and frequency all promote learning...”

Habitat Habit
“Environment has a big impact on learning” Find you a place that is conducive to learning. In the middle of a busy restaurant is probably not the best place for serious study. “Studying at the same time everyday will help increase retention. Soon the brain will get the message that this time is learning time.” Humans are creatures of habit and habit when full grown becomes character.

Distraction Subtraction
“Distractions not only come from environment, but also from you. Wandering minds, boredom and homework overlook can all add hours to the study process.” Too many distractions are the very reason why the busy restaurant is not the best place for serious study. A quite place designed for study may be your best bet when it comes to study time. When you study, let people know that you do not what to be disturbed unless it is an emergency.

Boredom Forum
“The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ applies to studying. Studying in groups helps connect the dots. Putting multiple people’s notes together will give you a more compete reference guide.”

“The more you understand, the less you have to remember.” Craig A. McCraw

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