Monday, March 21, 2011

Out of the Ruins of America -2

America’s national common heritage is eroding, due in part, to secularization. Secularization is a process of removing religious and moral influences from society. As a result, we are increasingly polarized and divided as a nation. Identity is a common bond that unites people to a common cause. We need more conversations about American’s Christian Identity.

We are told, for example, that America is not a Christian Nation and to some degree this may be true. If what is suggested is that we are not a Christian Theocracy or that we are presently living according to the principles upon which this great nation was established, to this I agree. But, if by this it is suggested that our Founding Fathers did not establish this great nation upon biblical principles, I wholeheartedly disagree and could fill this newspaper with quotes to this end. In this sense, my fellow Americans, we are a Christian Nation. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psa. 33:12; cf. 144:15). May we always seek the Source of our blessings.

Out of the ruins of American God can rebuild a great nation.
How can we regain our Christian Heritage?


Anonymous said...

Would it be correct to say, that before we can walk the walk we must first talk the talk. We need to rediscover a Christian conservation in the public square.

Jerry D. McDonald said...

I dealt with the intent of our founding fathers on my One Nation Under God blog at: ""