Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Bling, Bling, to Bang, Bang

A team of twelve adult workers from Lindsay, Oklahoma met up with a team of twenty-four adult workers from Martinsville, Virginia and turned southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina upside down. We knocked over 5,000 doors and set up about forty Bible studies wherein six baptisms resulted thus far. There are six more that are on the verge of responding including a man whose father and brother are both Pentecostal preachers. Brant and Rick preached over fifty-one hours in just over a week’s time, which included local church services, tent meeting and television time.

We had our lives threatened from an Apostolic “bishop’s” family at least three times (cf. Acts 17:5; 2 tim. 4:14; Acts 19:21-41). This man and his family were nothing but thugs living off the back of widows. The television station went on lock down and three cars of deputy sheriff’s officers had to be called to detain members of the “bishop’s” family. This man drives a Bentley Rolls Royce while requiring the widow’s in his church to give him tithes. His wife threatened us with a .38 while his daughter came to the studio for a showdown to shutdown “Johnny and his posse.” One of his daughters told us that her father “knew a lot of unsaved people in the community who knew where the tent was, so we had better walk softly.” During the mist of all this one of his flock was baptized at 3:00 AM that same morning. The tables turned on these denominational preachers over their “bling, bling – bang, bang” and we had twenty-eight sets of DVD’s requested of the tent meeting and television program in just two days from callers. Each night at the tent meeting we had from eleven to sixteen nonmembers as visitors.

Pray for this good work and your new brethren in Christ that they keep faith and be able to withstand the devil and his workers. All this comes on the heels of a very sucessful campaign in Ardmore, Oklahoma and the planning of another one in Palestine, Texas. More to come in the next Reflections publication which is soon to be published.

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