Wednesday, June 27, 2007


  • Liberals refuse to appeal to God's book for the answers (Mark 7:3).

  • Liberals refuse to appeal to apostolic tradition for the answers (2 The. 2:15).

  • Liberals refuse to appeal to apostolic doctrine for the answers (Acts 2:42).

  • Liberals refuse to give answer to those who ask of the hope that is in them with meekness and fear (1 Pet. 3:15).

  • Liberals refuse to dispute with people about the word of God (Acts 17:17).

  • Liberals refuse to speak boldly in the Lord (Acts 14:1-4).
When confronted, they resort to mockery (Acts 2:13); intimidation (Acts 17:5); assaults (v. 5); lies (vv. 6-7); and improper judgments (Mat. 7:1-4) rather than discussion and debate (Acts 17:2-3).

FOR EXAMPLE... We have consistently asked of our detractors to produce one item that the churches of Christ bind that is a tradition of men. We would also ask for one man among them to meet in a four night public discussion upon that subject. Now is the time to put up...!

~ rick

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