Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time's Creator Gets Less & Less

Average Person lives 77 years. That is 28,000 days, 670,000 hours and 40,000,000 minutes. How does he spend his time?

  • Telephone* (40 minutes each day, 20 hours per month, 10 days per year, 2 years in a lifetime).

  • Bathroom (1 hour each day, 20 hours per month, 15 days per year, 3 years in a lifetime).

  • Getting dressed (26 minutes each day, 13 hours per month, 7 days per year, 1 year in a lifetime).

  • Television (3 hours per day, 90 hours per month, 45 days per year, 9 years in a lifetime).

The great apostle Paul admonished his brethren in Ephesus to make sure that they were "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil" (Eph. 5:16). Matthew Henry wrote, "redeeming the time (v. 16), literally, buying the opportunity. It is a metaphor taken from merchants and traders who diligently observe and improve the seasons for merchandise and trade." American merchants have created a mass frenzy starting the Friday after Thanksgiving and running well into January the next year. It is our hope to create that same frenzy among Christians in Fort Worth for June 8-14, 2007. Join us in redeeming the time.

Brant & Rick

* These numbers do no include teenage daughters.

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