Friday, January 27, 2012

"Ohio is now inches away from ending nearly every abortion in the state through a bill called the Heartbeat Bill which will protect every unborn baby whose heartbeat a doctor can detect. It has already passed the Ohio House and has already been heard in the Ohio Senate. All we need now is for the Senate President to call for a vote and it heads to Governor John Kasich's desk to be signed into the most protective pro-life law in the nation! A dozen states have announced they are watching Ohio--ready to follow with Heartbeat Bills of their own. What happens here will affect the nation!"

Pray that the leaders in Ohio do the right thing and and pass the Heartbeat Bill and that the rest of the nation will follow suit. Write letter to Governor Kasich and encourage him in this endeavor. Write to your own Governor and let him know that you support what Ohio is doing, then encourage him to do the same thing!

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Anonymous said...

We must continue to stand up and speak up for the innocent ones.

According to the Washington Post...
"...last month over a so-called personhood amendment in Mississippi that would have barred virtually all abortions by giving legal rights to embryos. It was voted down..."