Monday, January 23, 2012


January 22, 2012 I preached the third of a five part sermon series on Jeremiah 1:17-19 entitled, "Jeremiah, An Iron Pillar". God tells Jeremiah in this text to Gird Up; Stand Up; Speak Up; Bear Up and Look Up.

In that sermon, I said, "Today, we must speak up for the innocent ones. One of the things that Jeremiah spoke against was the practice of taking their little children and throwing them into the fires at Hinnom (Jer. 7:31-32). A couple of weeks ago in this series I spoke about the moral atrocity of abortion and the anniversary of Roe vs Wade (January 22, 1973). One man, almost in tears, met me at the back and ask the question, What can we do to stop this wrong? Here is my answer to that man (and to all of us): We Must Speak Up!"

Therfore I offered this challenge to the congregation and to you today. Let me challenge every member of this congregation to join me in a Speak Up For The Innocent Campaign. Goal of this campaign: that every day we will speak to someone in some form about the innocent children we send to the slaughter houses of abortion clinics in American... above 4000 daily! Ask everyone you know to join in this campaign. Write letters to family members, friends, television and radio stations; our congressmen, our judges, the President (running or residing). Email; Tweet, leave comments on Facebook and any social network you know of; flood our communities with the message that we can no longer tolerate this moral massacre... and that we are outraged by the carnage of convenience.

Plan to do this with me, every day, for the entire year of 2012. At the end of this year, we will set down and evaluate what has been accomplished and where to go next in this battle for the children. Let us rid ourselves of this legacy before the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade (January 22, 2013).

I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed at my brethren's response to this subject. I may hope against hope as one good sister pointed out on Facebook, "Its amazing how many people, members of the church don't think about this due to believing we can't win! We are the David and this is the Goliath!!!" Because the Lord's church has a grasshopper complex (cf. Num. 13:33) it rarly has any impact upon society... it has lost it's savour and in most cases is good for nothing (cf. Mat. 5:13)!

I also read Jerry McDonald's article on this same subject and was invigorated. Here is a sample:

"...Even religious people have become desensitized against abortion. Something that ought to bother every man, woman, boy or girl who claims to follow Christ to the point that they get fighting mad about it, just doesn’t seem to bother us anymore. We say, “O well, I won’t ever have an abortion, so it is not something that I need to get involved in.” One preacher, once, told me that he thought that I was wrong for trying to fight abortion because after all those babies would go to heaven and if they lived they might not. What kind of reasoning is that? Whether they go to heaven or not is not the issue. The issue is “Who gives us the authority to kill those innocent babies?” God doesn’t! O, yes, it was the United States Supreme Court; the same institution that once said that the black man was the property of his white owner. Now who today is going to say that the Supreme Court was right in that decision?..." (

Join us in speaking up for the innocent ones, before it's too late - not too late for them - too late for us!


Jerry McDonald said...

Excellent article, Rick. I intend to put one article a day on my blog on this issue. I am also putting links on Facebook and ACANETWORK. I just hope I can keep it going.

In Christ Jesus
Jerry McDonald

Anonymous said...

Jerry, thanks for joining the campaign for the innocent ones. My prayer is the God grant us time to eradicate this moral atrocity from our midst.