Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upside-Down Law

As opposed to God, human beings often make laws that are either unnecessary or contradictory. In such cases it turns the legal system upside-down. This certainly is the case with our abortion laws (i.e., the "legal" killing of the most innocent among us).

For example, a mother goes to an abortion clinic (i.e., a slaughter house) and with "legal" consent has a doctor perform a "legal" murder on her unborn child. Just down the street, in the same town, the same doctor, pulls a knife and kills an unborn child without the consent of the mother. In the the first instance, the doctor receives money for his deed. While, in the second instance, the doctor receives first-degree murder charges for his deed: Same deed. The only real difference, and I stress the only real difference, in the two instances is that one child is wanted by the mother and the other is not! The legal system is upside-down!

This is how the "law" plays out in the News:
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Formal charges were filed Monday in the death of a Blanchard mother. Late Monday afternoon, Justin Adams was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one for his wife, Jaymie Adams, and the other for her unborn child. ( KFOR-TV, February 14, 2012).

Now, my question is a simple one: Why is Justin Adams being charged with two counts of first-degree murder? Here is the fundamental and only real reason from our "upside-down" legal system's perspective... Justin is not a doctor and did it without Jaymie's consent.

My heart goes out to Jaymie's family and my prayers go up for this family in their distress. May God comfort them in their loss.

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